Mushy Brain

Get it! Cerebral Vasculitis it is very frustrating.


Lupus fog is a fuzzy headed feeling. It is however a term for a more serious issue. When you have lupus, you learn what to expect. You learn to cope with your body being in pain. You learn to cope with the rashes, the sun sensitivity, the hair loss….but one thing that no one got me ready for was my brain turning to mush! Lupus fog is a nice name for all of the cognitive impairments that can come along with Lupus. I personally have problems concentrating, my memory sucks and I often jumble my words.
Just the other day, I was telling my husband that my mom gets to work early but doesn’t answer the phone until her time actually begins. In the middle of this I said phone job. He corrected me and said you mean job phone. It took my brain a minute to understand that I…

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