I Dream

It’s seems only in my Dreams how one day again I will be lying on a beautiful beach, with my toes in the soft sand, my aching body floating in warm soothing water, my eyes staring at the wonderful sky. I Dream this Dream each and every day. I dream and dream . While I stare at all these walls, all i want to believe is this is not real , not walls. Life , I want to live life . To see beautiful nature , sleep in it , eat good food, beautiful food i see in many pictures, in my world it is hard to grasp but i still dream of it all. ” I don’t want to just survive . I want to live. I want a break . I want a cure. If not for me -for other’s.” Personally i missed this past November all the way unitl this April, and many days months, for years. So many procedures, surgeries, illnesses , done with one go right onto the next.. I hope one day no one will have to endure a body that needs a specialist for every body part. It is too much, then trying to survive all the other aspects of life, when nothing is left. is a battle that will never go away. Unless a miracle comes. -cjp 4-30-15