11 vials today and Neurology

Today was a long day …Bare with me my cognitive abilities are making it so I am not able to figure out how to put up images , photos, and links to the site. The treatment for the cerebral vasculitis is usually high dose iv steriods and chemo. I have  alot to still do in terms of tests to get down to a treatment plan for me , it is  challenging for the doctor’s and myself due to my system being hypersensitive and the adverse reactions to many of the drugs used for treatments.

I am  thankfull to find a group of people here that are very kind and open to everyone. After a long stressful day. I got a rest in and for an hour was able to attend this gathering. For me I am happy for one hour vs none.  The daily medical is too much for my brain to process  and it needs a break. They all started at 5pm, to celebrate a birthday , I am happy i showed just to say hi and feel like i am part of something ,






5 thoughts on “11 vials today and Neurology

    • Hi! Thank you!! 11 vial is a low day but just tired of it, you know. When they do many specialized labs it has come to 30 whoa. How are you? I hope well , I am not sure how to navigate around here as i need assistance, due to an event that happen with my brain as i have a disability in learning new tasks and understanding,processing and retaining information. It is the dream i have had for a long time to do this . Actually i have been charging this site name for 10 years , this is how much i want my dream to come true, Not wanting to give up . I hope to help other’s in any way i am able. Nice to meet you and Thank you. : )

    • Hi thank you for writing. Please help me to understand , due to cognitive dificulities i do not know what post you are responding to that i have possibly written , so i am not understanding this message. Please i would like to .

      Thank you

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