Appointments and tests oh my….

Daily events . In between all the paper work for everything you need . I can barly move and i have to use all my might to keep going.

Pet Scan is schedule for friday but my arm are to beat up and i need to rest it is too long of a thing for me they wrote me a note no eating or drinking except water . For me that mean going off my routine and in turn will be very ill for a few days from that .Waking  to my daily severe headache , severe neausea and not being able to do anything to try to calm it down and the only thing i do is drink some coffee but i am not able to leave the house even for an appointment if im not able to do this ritual of coffee , bannana with medicine, Heat, ice, then aspiring for the head. Then taking  my medicine other medicne. I don’t want to go into the details of the yucky stuff .This entire process just to try to move and goes takes a min of two hours up to four on a good day and by the time done have to rest for one hour before leaving it has to be very planned out. If I do not have a bannana with the medicine then my gastropherisis gets to bad in the morning part of the morning is trying to move by coffee for my head pain , then lying on heat to loosen up , then ice to numb the pain (i do not take pain killers, just aspirin and ibuprofen) They also told me they may have trouble due to my veins that is another story and obstacle , I found out for this they can not use my foot so i need to postphone it and schedule one of the many other appointments in it’s place . 


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