How Often Should you need to let someone know your ill? Friendship?

This is something one of my Doctor’s expressed to me:

My question was… I have told people many time’s I am not well , I have asked when are they going to see me and come over , that i am in need of help here and there.  The more i have to bring it up the sadder i get. The longer I am alone  and tell ,the more alone I feel .

Doctor’s Response:

You are Sick ,your job  is to get by each day and although you can never get better , your job is to do what you need to help your body.

You do not have the time or energy to make friendships right now. The one’s who are your friends will be there .  They need to pull together for you. You have already told them you are sick.  If they are your friends , they will come and see you without you telling them to, and help you. No one should expect you to do the work while you are ill. ?


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